Bleach Episode #307 - Review

Aizen unfortunately spends too much of his time basically playing with these characters which feels very wrong, yet is a tried and true staple. Considering he could wipe them all out with the flick of his wrist, having him walk slowly towards the group over and over is almost painful to watch at times. You admire the kids and Don Kanoji doing their best to fend him off, but the frustration lies in watching Aizen essentially wasting his time. What gives the episode its meat is when it comes to Gin himself as he apparently has quite a long range plan of his own in effect, one that makes you want to go back to all his previous appearances and re-evaluate everything he's done now that he's the one who says he's the only one who can taken down Aizen and puts his plan into motion to do just that.Gin has long been one of the cool characters of the Soul Society and his shifting to Aizen's side was a moment that was definitely intriguing since the two felt like they were well matched for each other. While I still have a hard time believing Kubo has such long range plans with his series, getting a revelation about Gin at this stage and seeing him put his own plan into effect that completely throws off everything that Aizen was planning was definitely a surprise at first. As he states early on, he's cold like a snake and his methods fit that. The fight between the two is quite well done, quiet and tense before everything literally explodes in front of us. I've definitely liked both characters and seeing their transformations over this arc has been a lot of fun and this episode takes it all to the next level, which is only going to make things even more difficult for Ichigo once he finishes his seemingly endless training in between worlds. Read More...


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