Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode #30 - Review

Two inspectors from Akatsuki, Caribs Garrard and his dingo Hazle Valentine, have arrived at the Yuusari Bee Hive. They've been sent to investigate a string of letter robberies that have happened in the south, including one in which Moc Sullivan was attacked, causing the letters he'd been carrying fall into a ravine. Garrard suspects that there's someone inside the Bee Hive feeding information to Reverse, since they seem to know so much about the Bees' routes and movements, so he forbids them from travelling to the danger zone. However, one of the letters Moc was carrying was a letter from a sick girl that Lag had written down for her, and Lag's not about to let it go undelivered...Garrard and Valentine get quite the introduction - they're a well-known pair, with Garrard having once been in the frame for the Head Bee position and Valentine being the best dingo around - a point he makes repeatedly to Niche. Bees of around Largo Lloyd's age all hold them in high regard, the role models they looked up to when they first became Bees, so having them back in Yuusari is quite a big deal. Read More...



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