Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode #41 - Review

After being separated from Noir, Roda traces him to Yuusari Central & Sylvette's home, but when she sees Noir happily spending time together with Lag and Sylvette, she becomes distraught and her feelings fall into confusion. Just then, Roda is rescued from some men up to no good by Sarah and Hunt. Former acquaintances of Lag, Connor, and Zazie, they've begun living new lives in Central. Sarah works at an employment agency for "daily dingos" and when she hears that Roda used to be someone's dingo, she brings her to her workplace. Lag and Sylvette, meanwhile, are trying to track down Gauche again after he went missing from their house...Okay. I'm feeling a little cheated here, and this episode pulls an 'everything's-all-right-now-oh-not-it-isn't' about-face that I find to be rather cynical (and that incidentally undoes a lot of what made episode 39 so damn good). But that's towards the end of the episode, so we'll put that to one side for a moment and look at the rest of the episode.The main event is the return of Roda, last seen plunging to her apparent doom in a deep ravine. Her return is no surprise at all '" watch anime for long enough and you come to accept that only rarely is 'apparent doom' ever permanent '" and since she's one of the more curious characters in the series, thanks to her uncertain origins and deep loyalty to Noir, I was actually quite pleased to see her back. Having heard of 'Gauche's' return, she spends the episode trying to find out the truth of what happened to him, hoping against hope that she'll find Noir and not his in-body predecessor in the process. It's a decent look into her personality, although it's by way of reinforcing what we already knew about her rather than bringing anything new to the mix. With another round of Roda vs Niche also featuring, there's a decent little bit of action, too. So far, so good. Read More...



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