Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode #42 - Review

Garrard and Valentine, under instructions from Reverse to kill Gauche, will go to any lengths to find him, even visiting Sylvette. When Lag hears this, he tries to do something to make sure Sylvette doesn't get caught up in Reverse's plans. However Noir, now reunited with Roda, arrives at what was once a Reverse base, only to find Garrard and Valentine - and Lag - waiting for him. Lag tries to bring Noir back with him, but Noir restates his loyalty to Reverse and refuses to be drawn...The main thing I got from this episode was that Gauche himself doesn't really know who he is anymore - there's an internal battle going on between the Noir personality that Reverse instilled in him, and the pieces of Gauche that he got back from Lag's shindan, and that battle seems to be some way from being settled. In the meantime, then, he's playing for time, trying to convince Reverse that he's still Noir (to get that death sentence lifted), and perhaps working on an elaborate double-cross that will see him turn on Reverse just when they come to trust him again. Read More...



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