Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode #43 - Review

Zazie tracks down the Cabernet to the town of Shark Cape, where he also finds a Reverse cell. There, he clashes with a Marauder who calls himself Jeel - but when he fires his shindan at Jeel, the Marauder's hatred for those he perceives as his enemies makes the shindan ineffective, and Zazie in trouble. Lag, meanwhile, is also headed for Shark Cape after learning of the cell from Zazie, but is drawn into an encounter with Lawrence, Reverse's leader. When Lag tries to fire his own shindan at Lawrence, though, he finds he can only fire blanks...In a way, I'm at a bit of a loss for what to write about this episode, but let's see what I can come up with. The problem is that there isn't a huge amount of new stuff this time around, be it to do with the overarching story or the interpersonal relationships - instead, the episode is spent reinforcing things that we already know: that Zazie's obsession with defeating Gaichuu is dangerous to those around him, that the government are up to something very sinister, and that Lawrence is a bit of a bastard.Without Lawrence, you see, I could easily see Lag and some of the other Bees around him turning their back on the government and joining Reverse. It's becoming ever more clear that the Amberground government is working solely for the interests of those in the capital, with the rest of the population disposable raw materials, and that something has to be done about them. Reverse are the best option for that, on the surface - but with Lawrence in control, the ends absolutely do not justify the means. If Lawrence were to lead the revolution, what you'd get afterwards may well be worse that what was overthrown. Although that does seem to be more the rule than the exception in human history. Read More...



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