'Supernatural' flashback: Soulless Sam has authority issues


If you're like us, you're thrilled that Sam (Jared Padalecki) has finally been reunited with his soul on "Supernatural"... but you're also kind of going to miss seeing him as that sociopathic livewire.Good news! Friday's upcoming episode has the best of both worlds: while we'll see souled-up Sam on his redemption mission, we'll also get a flashback look at Sam's life post-hell before he and Dean reunited. And, spoiler alert: he's totally creepy.When Sam and Samuel get pulled over by an over-eager cop who doesn't believe their "we're federal agents!" shtick, it's lights out for the Officer. Sam completely loses it, beating the guy senseless. We're pretty sure we heard bones breaking. Lots of them. Then he shrugs it off and moves on with his day.Yikes. Maybe we won't miss this guy.Once again, Padalecki knocks it out of the park -- he's pulling off the whole Nina Dobrev two-characters thing impressively.Speaking of Padalecki, he and...



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