‘Pretty Little Liars,’ Season 1, Episode 16, ‘Je Suis Un Ami’: TV Recap

Friendship, in all its permutations and complications, is explored PLL style, on tonight’s episode of "Pretty Little Liars,"  "Je Suis Un Ami."

Let’s start with Spencer this time. When she sees that someone has vandalized his mailbox, she feels sorry for him and tells Emily so. Later at school, she notices that there’s a flyer up for a French tutor, and Toby is the tu-tee (um, the person in need of tutoring). Spencer figures she’ll tutor him AND commiserate over being falsely accused of crimes. As they talk (and Spencer gives him a French version of "The Catcher In The Rye"), Spencer observes how "different" Toby seems from her initial impression of him. Could her intentions be clouded by developing feelings for the tortured Toby? The word "duh" comes to mind…but for now, let’s move on to…

Emily, who is still immersed in swimming team shenanigans with Paige. They swam a dead heat, leaving them to compete in a swim-off for captaincy of the team. Emily deals with the twist of fate in typical fashion, but Paige… not as much. In fact, Paige rides her bike in the rain (no helmet, either!) to Emily’s house, expressing regret that relations between the two of them went off the rails. She rides off before Emily can really process what’s going on with her rival. The next morning, the swim coach announces that since Paige had a bike-riding accident, the swim-off is, well…off. Read More...



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