Glee 2.11 "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle" Review

Can we all just take a moment to soak in how insanely awesome this episode was?

It looks like Mr. Ryan Murphy finally understood that we don’t care about super famous guest stars and tribute episodes. What we care about when it comes to this show is exactly what he delivered in last night’s episode: Friendship, camaraderie, team spirit, high school drama and out of this world music numbers. In that order. This is what Glee is all about. This was what got me hooked to the show in the first place.

Thank you, Mr. Murphy, for finally getting what we have all been trying to tell you for months. Because the show I fell in love with last year is back and just like that you got me hooked again. Read More...


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Feb 9, 2011 5:38PM EST

I really agree with this review. While I wouldn't call the best episode ever, it did bring back to mind why Glee became so popular. It wasn't about big names, tributes and proving to the world how fabulous they are. I think some of Glee's biggest problems in the last few episodes was being so full of itself, pretending to be more than it is. Glee will not bring world peace, feed the hungry and miraculously destroy all prejudice and hate in the world. It os a fun, light-hearted, sometimes serious but very stereotyped view of the world. And I love that about it.

Glee is great when the story comes first and the music second. Finally we had some interesting character development outsde the never-ending Kurt drama. I like Kurt's character, but he is just one of many amazing characters that have been shamefully neglected. In this episode the music served a purpose, it brought the story forward and contributed to a well-rounded out show.

The only exception to that was "Bills, Bills, Bills". It was completely out of place and lacking in all respects. The Warblers are getting quite annoying. Bringing Kurt together with parts of New Directions, that is hanging out with Mercedes and Rachel was refreshing, I miss seeing Kurt together with our Glee kids.

This episode definitely points Glee back into the right direction. I sincerely hope that the next episodes will continue the trend back to the early Glee that I loved.

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