'Skins': Like Cadie, we're happy, well, happier


We have to give our readers some credit for telling us we should tune into MTV's "Skins" this week when we were ready to give up after the last episode. That's not to say we're 100 percent onboard after last week's disappointment, but this episode goes a long way to making us feel happy, well, happier.Here's the good part. We liked the tone of this episode, cinematic at times. There's a fast cut editing style that's everywhere nowadays (even on The History Channel), which originated with MTV. It was that fast cutting that helped to label a generation as victims of ADD. The editing of this episode broke from that tradition with long still shots, pans and zooms. For a change, we could breath and really get inside Cadie's (played by Britne Oldford) k-hole of a mind. We wouldn't be surprised if some were bored by the first half of this episode, because we're so...



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