GOSSIP GIRL “Panic Roommate” Review

GOSSIP GIRL "Panic Roommate" Season 4 Episode 14 – I thought it was a pretty fun episode of Gossip Girl, which had quite a satisfying resolution, wouldn’t you say?

Chuck: So Chuck was playing Raina after all, and although I was wondering why Raina wasn’t more suspicious of him, it seems that Chuck might have really fallen for her. But I gotta ask, do you think Chuck really has feelings for Raina? There are so many going back and forth, I’m not really sure what to believe anymore. Plus part of me wishes he has a bigger plan to con her.

Also I am honestly getting a little tired of this whole takeover storyline, I want more drama related to the rest of the gang. Hopefully next week we’ll move on from that.

Blair: So Blair decided to ask Nate to get together with her boss? That’s an interesting way to try and keep your job. This of course backfires in a way she didn’t expect, her boss quitting her job and leaving her in charge (which side note: so not believable, you mean to tell me that out of all the other people working in the office, Blair, the intern, is the only available choice to replace her? Really?). Not sure where that’s going. Read More...



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