HAWAII FIVE-0 “E Malama” Review

HAWAII FIVE-0 "E Malama" Season 1 Episode 16 – Everyone spent a lot of time separated in this episode, which I thought was pretty cool. Not only because it allowed us all to see them handling various situations on their own, but also because they still managed to work as a team, even while apart. The phone conversation between McGarrett and Danny was a great example and I loved that they still got in one of their usual heart-to-heart-in-a-car discussions even though they both weren’t in the car.

McGarrett was his usual badass self, going commando (no, not like that, I mean like an actual soldier) and taking out one bad guys in the jungle. Which left Chin to do some badassery of his own, protecting the witness all by himself and not to be left out, Kono figured out who the final assassin is just in the nick of time to save the witness once again. Read More...



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