'Gossip Girl' recap: The Lady is a Pimp

It could be that I’m really tired from working on a story over the weekend. Or it could be because I stayed up too late watching the Super Bowl (and Glee). Or it could even be because I ingested, shall we say, an "eclectic" assemblage of food last night, including, but not limited to, mini donuts, pigs in a blanket, White Castle burgers, cheese and crackers, and pretzel chips. But whatever is to blame, I really was not feelin’ this latest episode of Gossip Girl. It just didn’t make sense. And I don’t even need clear plotting—juicy backstabbing and bitchery makes anything go down easy for me. Still, last night’s hour felt like it went one for four and then never really amounted to anything.

So, Ben moved into the Humphrey loft for reasons that are still not totally clear. Why would Rufus do this? And especially with his son already shacking up there? I totally understand feeling guilty about your wife sending him to jail but it’s like buy the dude a spa day or something. Maybe a mani/pedi and a nice facial? He’s been in the clink for years after all—that can clog the pores. In any case, the poor dude moved in and he and Dan got along about as well as Little J and authority figures. The tension came to a full boil when Ben put the glasses on the wrong shelf (and received a call from his cray-cray sister Juliet!). Dan could no longer hide his anger behind his five o’clock shadow and probably expensive cheap-looking henley.  It inspired Dan to team up with lil stepbro Eric to get Ben out of the apartment and out of Serena’s life. Read More...



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