'Chuck' Season 4, Episode 14 Recap

Seven days ago, I expressed some thoughts about how the once-again extended life of 'Chuck' had possibilities, but also potential roadblocks as well. Last week's episode functioned not only as an end to the Volkoff arc, but in many ways the show itself.

It makes sense, in that it was designed as such back when the producers didn't know if that would be the series' swan song. But with the show's death sentence staved off again, could 'Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible' be anything other than a letdown after the nearly pitch perfect way in which so many things ended last week?

In a nutshell? Yes. How? By changing the pitch of the show or, rather, its tone. So much of the past two seasons has consisted of the increasing burden placed upon the show's titular hero, layered on ounce by ounce, week after week. The individual elements were almost imperceptible, until one day the show woke up to find our favorite Nerf Herder weighed down like Atlas, dragging the entire show down in the process with him. 'Chuck' never truly abandoned its comedic elements, but had a difficult time inserting old-school humor into a show that couldn't decide if it was a breezy spy show, a melodramatic soap opera, or an operatic family drama. Read More...



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