'Two and a Half Men' Season 8, Episode 15 Recap

'Two and a Half Men' is not the kind of show that has stories ripped from the headlines like 'Law & Order.'

However, with everything that's going on in Charlie Sheen's life, it's hard to listen to his character of Charlie Harper talk about his indulgent sprees involving booze and hookers and not relate it to the star's current headline-grabbing antics that have landed him in rehab (again).

But tonight's episode was more reminiscent of financial headlines from 2009. In fact, the way that Alan was finagling for investment funds from Charlie, Evelyn, Herb and Berta, was probably just how Bernie Madoff absconded with other people's millions. Reportedly, it was just that easy for Madoff to steal millions, just by letting greedy people chase after bigger and bigger returns.



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