90210 Review: Cheating, Lying, Blackmailing

And the question on all our minds this week: "Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?"

Silver and Navid went at it like rabid rabbits on "All About a Boy," while the former kept fretting about doing it all behind her BFF's back: I can't do this.  I'm the other woman. I'm a cheater and a liar. And your iguana is touching me. Whoa, what? Is that what we're calling it these days?  Alas, it was just Bernstein, Navid's pet iguana, but the sliminess abounded.

Adrianna pulled a play out of the Kardashian handbook and claimed to want her baby back just to land a reality show?  Navid was right when he said "Adrianna is delusional." 

Navid couldn't handle Adrianna's "whole new level of selfish" and used that as an excuse to break up with her.  Perhaps also an easy out to ease his guilt-ridden conscience? I'd say so. Read More...



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