Skins US 1.04 "Cadie" Review

 Skins US 1.04 Cadie Review

Cadie, Cadie, Cadie... Your life is definitely, completely screwed up.

Last night's episode of Skins focused on the pill-popping/walking medicine cabinet known as Cadie Campbell, who hides her pain, inflicted by family and friends, through her excessive drug use, which might not be the main cause for her fractured state. Cadie's problem in life, sadly, actually conceived her, only to toss her to the side like a bothersome house chore they would rather not deal with. With parents like these, it's a wonder Cadie hasn't succumbed to something tragic before hand, which is a sad thought to have.

Let's discuss The Campbells for a second. You have Cadie's father who seems like a rogue taxidermist, unless what was shown tonight with the animal's insides on display was completely normal. Even still, it's pretty warped that he takes more interest in his hobby than his own daughter, which he considers a broken object that needs repairing. Read More...


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