Chuck 4.14 "Chuck vs the Seduction Impossible" Review

After last weeks end to the Volkoff arc I wondered how we would kick start this second half of the season, and I'm so glad to say that this was perhaps the most fun stand alone episode of the year. The return of seduction master Roan Montgomery played brilliantly by John Laroquette certainly added to the fun and whereas the last time he appeared Chuck and Sarah were only fake boyfriend and girlfriend, this time around they are newly engaged and are embarking on new issues in their relationship.

This new problem is how they should get married; Sarah's preferred choice being to elope whereas Chuck is all for the big family wedding, no matter how overbearing his family are regarding the wedding plans. This idea was perfectly executed in the opening scene where the fuss over the new born Clara is enough to make any baby cry and make any spy want a new mission. The Chuck/Sarah relationship has come far since Laroquette appeared back in season 2 and his advice of never going on a mission angry seems to be something they can definitely learn from. This was an occasion where their relationship issues during a mission added to the comedy, particularly Chuck's counter mission of  the 'practice no' which ended up with him saying no to things he really shouldn't. Read More...


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