Pretty Little Liars Review: Turning the Paige...

Despite promos claiming a possible break in the mystery identity of A, viewers were treated to another stalling episode of Pretty Little Liars this week.

This has become quite the routine for the show, so the bait-and-switch tactic with the mysterious hiding space in the air vent wasn’t all that surprising.

However, "Je Suis Une Amie" delivered the least amount of helpful evidence yet, especially because of the strange Braille message from Toby. Still, this installment did give us a closer look at the characters of Paige and Caleb, who might turn into possible romantic interests.

Caleb has been an interesting addition to the cast. As a late-comer, he hasn’t met with the same suspicion as other characters, despite his shady dealings. Having helped Hanna last week, he’s expecting her to introduce him to some of her rich friends. His desperation for money becomes clear when the girls find out that he’s staying at the school. Read More...


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