Gossip Girl Review: "Panic Roommate"

"Panic Roommate" was a decent episode of Gossip Girl.

It was an improvement over the past couple of weeks, but certain things still aren't clicking for me lately. I kept feeling like I should be more invested in ... well, almost everything.

Serena and Ben kissing just didn't feel like an OMG moment. Chuck and Raina have so little chemistry, it's hard to believe there's anything there. The Damien-Eric storyline had a lot of potential, and while it certainly wasn't bad, I expected more drama.

Plot lines that make sense are not a requirement for Gossip Girl success. Compelling people and story arcs are, though, and that's what's lacking at this stage of the game.

The whole takeover of Bass Industries needs to get some legs. Chuck is a fan favorite, yet it's hard to identify with him in his quest to save the company, at least at this point.

Ben should be growing on me more too, his role in Juliet's scheme and in Serena's past having been fleshed out the way he was over the course of this entire season, but no. Read More...



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