'Skins' Season 1, Episode 4 Recap

"You can't keep doing whatever you want, you know. Things can't always work out for you." -- Cadie

That has to be the most truthful line in the series to date. Even though Cadie said it specifically to Tony after eavesdropping on his "I know you felt it, too" conversation with Tea, it could have been what many viewers watching the series want to say to the entire cast of characters.

Of course, things aren't really working out for any of them, but that's what all the continued fuss is about, right?

With a few exceptions, these teens don't seem to care about the way they act. And to a certain extent, that's fine, because this is a fictional show about high schoolers who, as Cadie said, do whatever they want almost all of the time. Read More...



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