Castle 3.14 "Lucky Stiff" Review

I tried really hard not to get my expectations sky high for this week’s Castle. I really did. I knew that whatever followed "Knockdown" would most likely pale in comparison because that episode was one tough act to follow. So I tried to keep my excitement to a minimum, even after those really good sneak peeks, and started watching last night’s episode knowing it would probably be a lighter, fun installment.

I admit I was dreading it would be another fiasco like "Almost Famous" (that followed "3XK" earlier this season), but I am glad to say this wasn’t the case this time. While "Lucky Stiff" wasn’t the best episode ever (I was slightly bored during the first 10-15 minutes), it also did not disappoint. But I only came to that conclusion after I gave it some thought. I am sure that the majority of the fans was expecting the repercussions of the events that took place during "Knockdown" and since that wasn’t blatantly addressed, I would say that a lot of people came out of this episode disappointed.

But there is a little something about the show that most of the casual viewers are probably overlooking. What is so great about Castle is that it’s a really subtle show. They are not going to come right out and have Beckett and Castle discuss their kiss because that’s just not who they are. What you have to look for is the subtext in the dialogue and what they are trying to convey with an expression or a joke. Because that is exactly where Castle excels at and that was the one aspect that got me hooked on the show in the first place. Read More...


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