THE CHICAGO CODE "Pilot" Season 1 Episode 1 – "If there’s one thing Chicago knows, it’s how to punch back." Teresa Colvin is the first female superintendant of the Chicago police force. She is determined to take down the corruption festering in the city, and enlists the aid of her old partner, Detective Jarek Wysocki, to do so.

Pilots are sort of like deserts. You feed them to the audience in the hopes that they’ll develop an appetite for the whole meal. That’s why you throw everything you can into that first episode; establish interesting, exciting character and an interesting, exciting situation, complete with lots of guns blazing and life threatening situations. As any television fan knows, a series can really only be judged on the second, third and fourth episodes. But I have gotta say, I freakin’ loved this pilot. I love these characters and I love this world. Like my other favourite show, The Good Wife, which is on CBS, I’m shocked to see a show of this caliber on Fox, a network. Read More...


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Feb 11, 2011 7:18PM EST

Within 45 minutes the essense and purpose of the show had been established, main characters introduced and their history + reason for inclusion into the plot explained.
If Chicago Code maintains this level of writing and integrity the show will run through many seasons, however I am a litle afraid that it will fall the way of 'Human Target'.
'Human Target'also started out strongly but caved in quickly to the demands of the popular public viewing demands - love interest, happy endings, Hi-tech equipment + a cute someone to oversee the procedings etc etc.
I seriously hope that Chicago Code breaks the mould!

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