MIKE AND MOLLY “Jack Won’t Eat” Review

MIKE AND MOLLY "Jack Won’t Eat" Season 1 Episode 15 – On MIKE AND MOLLY this week, Mike’s mother has to have her gallbladder removed, and asks (well, tells) Molly to watch her ADORABLE dog, Jack. Mike’s mom is a bit dramatic and decides to plan for the worst from her surgery – even going as far as to show Mike and Molly what casket she wants when she dies on the table.

Personally, I love Mike’s mom, she reminds me a few of my relatives (We’re Italian – the drama runs through our veins).

All the talk about death (and learning his mother has an extra burial plot that was supposed to be his fathers before he ran off), Mike tells his mom that he’s going to be buried next to Molly – which prompts Molly to say: "We haven’t even bought a COUCH together!"

Mike decides this means that Molly is going to break up with him, and so begins a slew of passive aggressive comments about commitment. Read More...



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