CASTLE “Lucky Stiff” Review

CASTLE "Lucky Stiff" Season 3 Episode 14 – Martha gets oodles of money in a surprise inheritance check and a lottery winner is found murdered. So in true Castle style, he gets everyone to confess what they would if they suddenly found themselves on the receiving end of a windfall, while they all still work on solving the case of course.

What everyone decides tells a little bit about them – Ryan with his winery, Esposito with the Ferrari, even the captain spoke up and said he’d buy himself a boat. The mystery of the episode, the one that Castle can’t crack for a while, turns out to be – what would Beckett do if she had tons of money.

Once again the answer tells a lot about her, when Castle finally figures it out. I love that he not only did get to the bottom of the mystery, but also did something about it. That gesture of opening up a scholarship in Beckett’s mom’s name was just about the sweetest thing he’s done on the show so far. Read More...


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