'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Je Suis Une Amie'

Was this the most anticlimactic episode of "Pretty Little Liars" or what? No Ezria drama, no financial schemes from Ashley and no follow-up phone call from juvie-detained Maya. Everything leading up to last week's episode kept me on my toes, but this week, the plot didn't thicken, it just stewed. And the worst part? All of our regulation hotties were M.I.A. Caleb was the only man-candy on screen the entire time, and I'm not convinced he's one to gush over just yet. I mean, c'mon, the guy pulled his wardrobe out of a trash can...Regardless of this week's episode falling flat, it did set the scene for a few new friendships and one rekindled romance. Let's recap, shall we?

Hanna is feeling guiltier than ever for giving Aria's mom a ticket to the same art show Aria and Ezra attended on a date. Even though we learn that Ella never made it to the show (because of Caleb's handy-man abilities), Hanna is still distraught over following A's directions against her bestie. Meanwhile, Aria finds her parents behavior suspicious. Are they hiding something, or do they know about her secret high school English teacher boyfriend? Not quite sure and under the impression that Byron is going on date, Aria follows her dad and discovers her parents are having an affair...with each other? Read More...



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