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Pretty Little Liars 1.16 "Je Suis Un Ami" Review

I don't know about you all, but last night's Pretty Little Liars left me a little... blah. Bear with me...

First up is the Emily and Paige issue, which is getting a huge "Who Cares?" from this spectator. After Paige tried to drown Emily last week, I had already written her off as a psycho bitch in a leotard who took her school's mascot, which is a shark, too damn seriously. Now, Paige is in pain emotionally and Emily (miraculously) finds it in her heart to forgive her former tormentor. I could've sworn I've read this same plot in a Sweet Valley High novel somewhere. Do not judge me.

Now that Emily's secret is out and shipped off, she rarely has anything left to do. I hope they aren't trying to pair her up with Paige, because I just don't see the potential there. Read More...

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