'The Good Wife': Michael J. Fox is a kindler, gentler Louis Canning?


On "The Good Wife," the trap for Derrick Bond is laid and Michael J. Fox is back as a kindler, gentler Louis Canning. Class-action LawsuitThe Case of the Week is about a company that buried pesticides near a housing development, causing infertility and miscarriages. Alicia and Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) are in a race to round up the most clients. Canning is getting people on his side right and left using his sympathetic disability and convincing them to take a low-ball settlement, as Alicia thinks he is secretly working for the pesticide company. Canning claims he has eschewed his former allegiance and is hanging out his own shingle to represent the wronged citizens in the class-action lawsuit. The judge of the week is Denis O'Hare as Judge Abernathy, who has appeared on the show in two previous episodes (plus on "True Blood" as the Vampire King Russell Edgington).Judge Abernathy rules that in four days...



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