'Glee' Valentine's Day Episode Recap

If you've been reading my 'Glee' recaps this year and feel I'm a stick in the mud for wanting the show to get back to plot and characterization, then tonight's episode should tell you why I've felt this way.

'Silly Love Songs' strikes an interesting contrast to Sunday night's post-Super Bowl episode in that tonight was more about the kids and where they are in their stories than about big production numbers and Sue's cartoon evilness. It was also the funniest episode of the season, in no small part because we got some insight into the lives of two New Directions members we rarely get to hang out with for any length of time: Santana and Lauren.

And, while I'm an unabashed Jane Lynch fan, the fact that two of my favorite episodes of the season (the other being 'Special Education') didn't have her in them gets me a little worried. Read More...



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