WHITE COLLAR “Countermeasures” Review

WHITE COLLAR "Countermeasures" Season 2 Episode 13 – So far this season, we’ve had a chance to learn a lot about just about everyone in the cast, but there’s been one member who is still a mystery. She’s always hinted that her husband had a lot in common with Peter and in this episode, we got to find out just how much they had in common.

Billy Dee Williams was fantastic as an old friend of June and Byron’s who drops by to run one last con. His appearance made Neal take another look at himself and ponder if that’s his future – a guy running cons forever. It made me realize that Neal must still have thoughts of going back to his old life once his stint with the FBI is over. I wonder if we’ll ever see a day where he does his job without the anklet. Actually I think that he will and it’s obvious that Peter, at least, knows it. Neal still needs to figure it out for himself though. Read More...



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