No Ordinary Family Review: "No Ordinary Double Standard"

What started out as a light-hearted caper, quickly turned darker and delivered a few disturbing moments, the implications of which are very disconcerting.

As we began "No Ordinary Double Standard," it looked like Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz were having a ball as Steph and Jim tried to outmaneuver each other to see who had the better abilities, and I was enjoying it as much as they were. 

I get why each wanted to prove themselves to the other, given Jim's pre-superpowered admission of an inferiority complex in comparison to Stephanie, as well as her struggles in the male-dominated world of science to constantly have to defend her position and demonstrate her value. As amusing it was, though, to see them try to stay one step ahead of the other - and usually Steph was the one with the leg up, so to speak - it was better when they realized the stronger they would be as a united force. As Steph said "What good is super speed without super strength?" Read More...


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