Parenthood 2.15 "Just Go Home" Review

A fractured home is a restless home and boy are the three homes explored in Parenthood restless in "Just Go Home". Amidst two tremendous fights and some pancake sandwiches, we get the return of a wayward daughter, the first steps toward reconciliation in a single parent household, and the first tears showing in a promising new relationship.

Sarah and Crosby both shone tonight because the two most laidback Braverman siblings had their respective cages rattled a little bit and their reactions were heartbreaking to say the least. That’s something that I really respect about Parenthood, that it never lets a character get too content in a certain behavior pattern before trying to shake things up. Sarah’s ex-husband Seth, played beautifully by guest star John Corbett, blows into town with his band and it really throws her for a loop; not only does she have to deal with Drew’s excitement at reconnecting and Amber’s hurt feelings (all portrayed in a raw, surprisingly touching free-for-all fight about going to Seth's concert), but Sarah has to corral her own mixed feelings on the father of her children. Corbett’s character had the potential to be a big ol’ stereotype, but Seth is part laidback charmer and part wounded soul. Whether it was seeing Corbett nearly breakdown when confronted by Sarah about their past or express pure joy at his son following his band on their website, I just liked having Corbett on my screen and hope he gets more time to win Amber over. Read More...


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