NCIS: LOS ANGELES “Tin Soldiers” Review

NCIS: LOS ANGELES "Tin Soldiers" Season 2 Episode 15 – In this episode Hetty told Callen that she hoped he would learn to play well with others, which is something that is really not easy for him. He tries to keep the team involved but as she also pointed out, his default is to go it alone when he feels that he’s in danger. So while he tries, he still falls off the wagon, going off on his own when he feels the need. He’s still working on his trust issues and though I think we’re seeing progress, he’s by no means cured.

In fact I think the reason his home is still empty could be a symptom of his troubles in this area, too. Of course the fact that he actually has a home now is a step up, but still, why isn’t it furnished? Is it because Callen is always waiting for the day when he has to leave? Because that is what he’s always known in the past – get to know people, learn to trust them, begin to love them and then they are taken away or he is forced away. Maybe he figures it will hurt less if he hasn’t any real roots and how appropriate then that Hetty gave him a plant that doesn’t need any "but they make it more stable." Maybe Callen will learn some lessons from his new plant. Read More...


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