'Biggest Loser' Celebrates Valentine's Day

The Biggest Loser is covered in pink hearts this week. Don't adjust your monitors; it's just Valentine's Day! Just when you didn't think Bob, Jillian, and the gang could get all warm and cuddly, they come back and surprise you. But, wait! Is this a love-fest or potentially the most dramatic episode of the season? I guess we're just going to have to wait and see. 


The beginning of the episode sees the two teams switching to black and red uniforms. Brett and Cara's team is becoming a more unified Red team, and Bob and Jillian's crew is dressing in black. From now on, the teams will be directly competing and life will look a lot more like we're used to seeing it at the Biggest Loser ranch.

Right away, Alison introduces a challenge. She leads the teams into a room covered in chocolates, candles and rose petals. It's a temptation challenge! It's business as usual; everyone is given three minutes alone with the candy, and the person who eats the most wins. However, this time there is a catch. The winner of the temptation challenge can choose to either swap two people from each team, or to keep the teams the way they are. In addition, the winner of the challenge will be kept anonymous and no one will know who ate and who didn't. Because love is blind, or something like that. That's what Alison says, anyway. This seems to change a lot of people's minds as to whether they would eat or not. Anonymity is an addicting possibility. Read More...



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