DETROIT 187 “Beaten/Cover Letter” Review

DETROIT 1-8-7 "Beaten / Cover Letter" Episode 14 – Moving away from the star of a show can be a source of trouble for most television dramas (see my latest review of Harry’s Law for a few stellar examples of that quagmire). Detroit 1-8-7 did so with its latest episode, shuffling Fitch (the smooth Michael Imperioli) into a quasi-background role even in the murder investigation he was assigned to.

Sure, he got chased – both literally and figuratively – by the returned Special Agent Jess Harkins (a foxlike Megan Dodds), but for the most part he stood back … and he got by with a little help from his friends.

I suppose the answer varies show to show, since this time it allowed some of the background players to have a broader swath of real estate in the spotlight. See, this blows up in your face if your supporting cast sucks eggs. But if you have quality acting (and Detroit 1-8-7 seems to have plenty of it), then what you get is sweet serendipity. Read More...


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