The Game 4.05 "Men in Crisis" Review

After dealing with Malik's issues for the past few weeks, The Game returned it's attention back on the season opening storyline featuring Janay and it's safe to say that they didn't disappoint.

In light of the DNA/mouth-swabbing snafu, Janay has ordered Derwin to attend court on a semi-daily basis. At least that's what Melanie had been thinking. In fact, Derwin had been playing house at Janay's and lying to both women about it. While he hasn't been with Janay romantically, Derwin's actions were still ill-advised and it doesn't make things look any better in Melanie or Janay's eyes.

With that said, I personally didn't buy Janay's (or is it Jenae's?) victim spiel, because she should've known better that Derwin only wanted to see his son and has every right to do so. If anyone has been selfish in the matter, then it was her. I don't know who came up with the arrangement they had, but Janay had to know that Derwin wasn't going to leave Melanie and return to her. Janay clearly still wants Melanie's spot, but is putting up good game to conceal that fact despite cracks in her resolve. The whole handbag thing from the premiere was unnecessary, especially with her gloating how the bag looked better on her and not Melanie. However, Janay needs to come to grips with the fact that dangling DJ in front of Derwin is not going to help her case, neither is keeping the kid from him. Read More...


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