ONE TREE HILL “Holding Out For a Hero” Review

ONE TREE HILL "Holding Out For a Hero" Season 8 Episode 14 – Sorry to say One Tree Hill fans, but this week’s episode was pretty awful. And I am a fan. Although I really wanted to like this episode, it was hard because it felt like it was written by a child. In fact, the writers should have made it from Jamie’s viewpoint or a dream Jamie had. That would have made more sense. Instead, we had the whole episode driven by Brooke who dreamt she was a superhero called B Dazzle. Seriously.

Here’s the thing. The adults in Tree Hill need to get jobs. Fast. Aside from Chase and Julian, no one really works. Brooke is currently doing absolutely nothing other than designing and making crazy superhero outfits. Quinn, although claiming she has been getting a lot of calls for photography work, has nothing going on. Clay, who actually owns a sports agency, hasn’t been shown working since he signed that one athlete. Nathan is taking one class and whining the entire time about his one tough professor. Haley is pregant so she gets a pass. Heck, even Mia isn’t working and she is an actual musician. I wanted to just reach through the TV and shake these characters. Read More...


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