LIGHTS OUT “The Comeback” Review

LIGHTS OUT "The Comeback" Season 1 Episode 5 – Theresa finally accepts that Lights has to go back into the boxing ring if they are to have any hope of avoiding bankruptcy. However, she is unwilling to stand by the ring and cheer him on and as the episode ends, she hands him a duffel bag and asks him to leave the house before the kids wake up.

Theresa could be a delightful character, but unfortunately Catherine McCormack portrays her with such an insufferable "woe is me" victim attitude it is often hard to wonder what Lights is fighting to maintain. I thought a loving marriage was a partnership? She hoisters all of the blame for their financial downfall onto his shoulders, sends him out the door to get battered in a ring by some ex-con accused of ‘statutory’ rape without saying goodbye to his daughters. Every time she appears on screen my skin crawls with dislike. I suppose it is marginally better than being indifferent. Read More...


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