'White Collar' 2.13 'Countermeasures' Recap And Review

It's a busy day for Neal Caffrey. First, he meets with Mozzie to check on the progress of their fractal antenna. Mozzie says using the phrase "good work" implies he has a job. I start laughing, and I'm still snickering by the time Neal returns back home, looking for June, and walks into Ford (Billy Dee Williams), an "old friend" of hers who's just moved back to Manhattan. He is naturally suspicious (oh, Matt Bomer, how I love you and your facial expressions) and starts asking questions, having no idea that when he uses the phrase "partners in crime," he's totally right. Worried, he goes to Diana, asking her to run a print analysis on the guy.

Peter and Elizabeth are bringing Satchmo back from the vet, after the dog has swallowed one of Peter's handcuff keys due to his obsession with shiny objects. (Him, and several people I know.) Peter is not thrilled to get a phone call from Diana, telling him that he needs to see the results of the print analysis. It turns out that Ford is really a murder suspect named Jonas, and he's been in and out of correctional facilities for "the last decade or so." At least, that's what Peter thinks, but Neal sees the picture in the file and points out that Ford is not a white guy. So who is he, and why does he have someone else's fingerprints? Read More...



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