'The Game' 4.05 'Men In Crisis' Recap And Review

For the second week in a row on The Game, the episode title is incredibly appropriate; last week saw Malik check himself into rehab. That's obviously his crisis, but what's going on in the lives of Derwin and Jason that would make that title need to be plural? Well, there's no Jason for the second straight week, but Derwin has plenty of drama to make up for his absence.

We open with Tasha, Kelly and Melanie doing shots at Tasha's house, and Mel is unhappy about Janay, yet again. "I'm so sick of her putting her stupid hooks in Derwin," she complains, getting little sympathy from her girlfriends. She's worried about how the stress might affect Derwin, who is...completely not stressed while spending time with his son. Yet when they're reunited later on, he admits that he's had another rough day in court, which is making his temper run hot. He doesn't have a choice, however, calling it "a delicate situation" he has to go through in order to see DJ. Talk about doing a one-eighty. Or is there something more going on?

Tasha is having dinner with Dante, who calls her "an expensive girl" as they're going out to dinner quite often. She replies that it doesn't matter as she has plenty of money, but he corrects that she's wasting it. "You're missing the point," he informs her. "You're successful, but you don't have to throw it in everyone's face. That's not the point." Tasha reacts badly to this, which causes a very public fight between them and leads him to storm off. Read More...



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