SOUTHLAND “Cop or Not” Review

SOUTHLAND "Cop or Not" Season 3 Episode 6 - The episode title gives the throughline of this week’s helping of Southland: to be a cop or not to be a cop, that’s the question.

Lydia and Josie investigate the gruesome murder of a singer and her boyfriend and opinion is soon divided when suspicion falls on her estranged actor husband. Russell is sent by the Chief’s office to take a look at the scene and keeps tabs on the investigation, upset when he realises the actor is going to walk free. Soon after, crime scene photographs taken by Lydia and a voicemail sent from the actor to his wife end up in the media – but if she didn’t leak them, who did?

Sherman and Cooper find themselves tasked with keeping cars from entering the street where the murders took place, a pointless task since the paparazzi can walk past them. Eventually Cooper has enough and they take a call against orders, finding a small child who had been locked in a house with his dead grandfather for three days. Despite this, they’re sent right back to the actor’s house. He had committed suicide in the interim. Read More...


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