CRIMINAL MINDS "Bloodline" airing this Wednesday, January 21, at 9pm on CBS.

First Look at Criminal Minds Season 4 Episode 13, "Bloodline" airing this Wednesday, January 21, at 9pm on CBS.


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Feb 1, 2009 12:16PM EST

This Bloodline episode so ridiculous! And poorly researched at that! Whoever is responsible for writing this does not know much about Roma culture, beyond commonly held stereotypes.
First off, ancient Roma culture follows the same Abrahamic faith, KOSHER laws of food preparation and cleanliness, philosophy, ideology and Taboos as Orthodox Judaism. About the only commonality in this episode was the breaking of the glass - that is usually a part of HAPPY celebrations, like weddings .
If this Roma family is clinging to ancient tradition, then why are they interbreeding with non Rom. Why would Roma match up non Rom (Gadje) for marriage? Duh! Doing so would be a Taboo and pollute the Bloodline with Gadje blood!
Facist and White Supremacist self love at play here, or what? Gadje should not be so fast to flatter themselves. The notion that Roma would covet one particular Bloodline to the extent that they would kidnap some innocent child for nefarious breeding purposes is ludicrous.
Since the mother was herself kidnapped as a Gadje child, she isn't even Rom. As a matter of fact, if this type of interbreeding with tainted Gadje blood is a family tradition, then there would hardly be any Rom blood left in that Bloodline. This concept is so laughable I'm embarrassed for whomever wrote this dribble.
Additionally, since Wisconsin leads the nation in neo Nazi membership (second only to Missouri) and activity, it would be safe to assume that any Gypsy would have to be NUTS to even go there. There would have been no need for the BAU to go there to solve the crime. The Extremists, White Supremacists, KKK, Skinheads and Neo Nazi's would already have lynched them - on sight!

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