THE MIDDLE “Valentine’s Day II” Review

THE MIDDLE "Valentine’s Day II" Season 2 Episode 14 - Love and humiliation are in the air as Sue tries to find the boy she kissed at Halloween, Brick has his first crush, and Frankie dates Axl in the "Valentine’s Day II" episode of THE MIDDLE.

Say what you want about Sue, the girl has guts. Her extensive search is impressive and I love the petition idea. "It’s for school-and the whales." Hee. I hate that she lets Carly’s suspicions make her doubt herself. "You really think I could have made him up? I’m usually not that creative." Unfortunately that is very much in character for her and at least she gets her ten seconds in the popular group. Then, dressing up in her crayon costume to jog Joe’s memory is a very bold move that pays off. Sure, she’s briefly humiliated, but I think that’s normal for her at this point and Joe does recognize her-and he likes her. Read More...


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