Modern Family 2.14 "Bixby's Back" Review

It's been four long weeks since we last saw the Dunphy, Pritchett and Pritchett-Tucker clans, so if you need a refresher, check out my most recent review.

There is often a lot of discussion in this space about the use of a unifying theme to link the three families in Modern Family in each episode.  Sometimes there is a unifying theme, sometimes there isn't.  Some of these themes are complex, others are simple.  Sometimes all three families' stories fit into the theme well, and other times one story is left out in the cold.  An analysis of this type is often useful in determining why an episode is "successful" or not.  There are times, however, when, due to the exceeding hilarity of an episode, the theme discussion should start and end simply with something like, "It's Valentine's Day."  This is exactly what "Bixby's Back" aimed for, and it was something special. Read More...


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