AMERICAN IDOL “San Francisco Auditions” Review

AMERICAN IDOL "San Francisco Auditions" Season 10 Episode 6 – At least FOX didn’t have to come out and openly announce they had decided to go lowbrow this season. Opening on a disconsolate contestant who blurts, "Just because somebody farts, let ‘em finish singing, okay?" is proof enough.

You have to ask yourself if Simon would have kicked someone out for farting. I imagine he would have ignored it, as British farts are more austere.


It looks as though this year’s American Idol is going to showcase a showdown between Milwaukee and San Francisco (and will probably be a lot more competitive than Brewers v. Giants). San Fran brought it’s "A" game, and why not? This is the place that brought us Glambert (via San Diego, sure), and we sort of expect talent.

Well, we expected talent in L.A. too. I’m still trying to erase that wasted hour from my skull. Read More...


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