'Mr. Sunshine' Moment: Ben Meets His Maintenance Guy ... and He Looks Like Hurley

There were a lot of interesting scenes that I could have chosen from tonight's pilot for 'Mr. Sunshine.' Not that any of them were particularly funny, but they were at least interesting. But I chose this scene, from the first five minutes of the show, because it points out two things that I hope aren't a trend: 1) it's a gratuituous attention-getting cameo, and 2) it replaced a scene that was pretty bad, but didn't improve on it all that much.

In the scene, Ben (Matthew Perry), an arena manager who cares about no one but himself, finds out the ice from the previous night's hockey game hasn't melted yet. So he turns to his maintenance manager, a guy named Bob (Jorge Garcia), to find out what's wrong. Only, he has no idea that the guy's name is Bob, so he fumbles with names like Bob, Bobbinson, and Bobbert, and all Bob does is say yes. Why? Because that's what Ben has told him to do, even when he asks non yes or no questions. Read More....



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