BETTER WITH YOU “Better With Valentine’s Day” Review

BETTER WITH YOU "Better With Valentine’s Day" Episode 14 – It is Valentine’s Day and Casey has big plans on Better With You. Unfortunatley, the Putney men keep it low key with only a store bought card and a rose. Those are the rules. As we know by now, Casey is not a rule follower by any means. Furthermore, Ben idolizes Casey too much not to take his side. Naturally, a competition between all three men ensues. It wouldn’t be an episode of Better With You without a competition.

This episode of Better With You was cute. I loved that Valentine’s Day was Casey’s favorite holiday as you do not hear that very often from men. He was so excited to spend the first one with Mia that he may have gone overboard. I kind of wished they would have shown his skywriting message that was shortened to basically "Mia #1? after he found out they charged by the word. I also loved that Casey and Ben decided to make homemade Valentine’s Day cards, with Casey even having a pop out photo in his. It also led to this great quote by Joel, "Those are some shockingly delightful crafts." One of the things that holds my interest in Better With You is the consistency. For example, that quote reminded me of something that Maddie said earlier in the season, so when Joel said it I thought to myself "man, they are related." That is pretty good for a half hour comedy and shows just how well the characters are developing. Read More...


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