'Top Chef' recap: It's Jimmy's Party

Well that was a shock! After winning the hearts of women across the country by adding an "-ah" to the end of every word, Fabio the Italian quote factory has left the building. If the judgment had been based on who makes better TV, no doubt Tiffany would have gotten the boot instead. Back in her original season, she flirted happily with Ed. These days she either talks in a screaming voice or looks like she needs a hug. Versus Fabio, who literally said: "Just beef-ah, I was afraid it-ah be dry out-ah." Come on! No one can accuse the judges of being ratings sluts with that guy out of the game, except maybe when it came to picking the better winner/guest for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (Adorable bird-like Carla? Or the weirdo who scrawls "Crocadile" on steel tables?). More on that later. Read More...



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