Blue Bloods Review: "My Funny Valentine"

This week’s Blue Bloods didn’t give me a lot of confidence in Danny and Jackie’s ability to handle a kidnapping. 

On "My Funny Valentine," the kidnappers specifically said if they saw any police they would kill Chloe. Having what appeared to be half the police force in their living room seemed like it would cause a lot of attention. If anyone had been watching their home, it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t have noticed.

Even worse? When Danny and Jackie followed the guy who just picked up the diamonds at the ransom drop. 

Danny’s gold shield was clearly visible on his belt as he ran. If the guy turned around, he would have caught the sun gleaming off of it. Not the stealthiest operation. Then, they tackled the man because he was going to open the thermos. So what? Why would everything fall apart if he opened it? Read More...


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