Top Chef Review: Welcome, Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon showed up on Top Chef this week. That was about the only highlight, as nothing is sadder than seeing a favorite contestant go, especially when it's due to a mediocre challenge.

Let's review the disappointing installment, shall we?

Quickfire Challenge

The Quickfire involved unconventional fondue where the chefs got a chance to judge each other. That meant one or two things: really strange fondue concoctions that were delicious; and a chance for chefs to get really catty behind the scenes.

I completely expected Richard to pull out a smoke and mirrors fondue dish, what with his twist on everything conventional, but he actually wentwith bananas and chocolate. Such a letdown. What’s not a letdown? His belief that his parents went to a naked fondue party back in the 70s. Read More...


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