Lights Out 1.05 "The Comeback" Review

Money will make a man do something’s he isn’t proud of. We learn that first hand this week as Lights and his family begin to contemplate things to change their lives and safe money. Ultimately however, it comes down to Lights jumping back in the ring. Let’s just say this decision won’t sit well will many members of the family.

This week was all about the Leary’s getting their family back on the right side of money. It all started with the Leary’s talking with an accountant about their money. The scene itself shows a new side of Lights. His stubbornness during the meeting sort of gave Lights the look of a young child. We all know that he really wants to get back into the ring but, he doesn’t want anyone else to change their life to better the family. Theresa of course plays the worried wife and at one point talks about giving up her own dreams. I have a feeling though that if these talks continue, Lights and Theresa’s money problem may be the least of their worries. This becomes a big realization as Theresa can’t even bring herself to tell her husband she loves him. Read More...


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